What Is the End of Lease Cleaning Service? – Guide for Beginners

As a newcomer in the cleaning industry, you have to learn so many things which you never experience. The End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide is quite friendly to cleaning field, do you have any idea about this type of services? No, then this guide is only written for your type of readers.


Basically, end of lease cleaning services means when you leave your rental home, you should clean your home properly according to the rental agreement. At that time, you call the professionals for effective and upholstery cleaning services which is known as the end of lease cleaning services or Bond Cleaning Adelaide services.

Why You Require Lease Cleaning Services?

At the time of the agreement, you give some deposit to your landlord to maintain the home’s cleanliness. So, in the ending of the contract, you have to give them home just like you stepped in for the first time after completing the whole inspection of home they return your deposit. That’s why you require end of lease cleaning services.

Which type of cleaning included in the bond cleaning services?

The answer to such type of question is difficult because different company provide cleanings services as per their rule and standard. If we take it as general term then we get the following answer which is described below:

  • Cleaning of available rooms like leaving the room, bedroom
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Floor cleaning


Which Type of Extra Cleaning Service Included?

Some End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide service provider Company provides a different type of special cleaning services. The cost of extra services is included in the cleaning package which you ask in discussion with professional while cleaning package decided. The special cleaning services are like balcony cleaning, garage cleaning, outside window cleaning, appliances cleaning, furniture cleaning, outdoor passage cleaning and many more.

Which Factor Are Related to The Cleaning Cost?

There some factors have affected the cost of the end of the lease cleaning price. Here they are,

  • Property size

Your property size is a significant factor to decide the price of cleaning services. The big home has a higher price than a small custom home. If you have a large passage area then a big house, then you should also pay more money.

  • Condition of house

When your house has proper maintenance and having a bad condition, then you have to pay more money for the cleaning services. The house condition is always an important factor in the cost of bond cleaning services. The position of the house is also affecting the cost of services because if you have a roadhouse, then you contain more dust and dirt.

What Is Better? DIY Or Professional Bond Cleaning Services

One question comes in your mind why you should go to professional for just cleaning when you can do it. Your question is right, but when you have lots of burden of moving process, you don’t have sufficient time to handle cleaning services properly. On the other hand, your deposit is stuck at the landlord which you need to get back.

At that time, professional can help you by providing a guarantee of bond back and make you stress out with their deep-cleaning services.

Final word,                                                               

These all about the End of Lease Cleaning  Adelaide services, which you want to know. If you have any query, then ask it in the comment section.


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